Security Deposits

Tenants, Know Your Rights!

Avoid having your security deposit withheld for unlawful reasons. Follow these steps to maximize your security deposit safety!

1) Prior to the execution of tenancy, make sure your landlord furnishes you with a written statement of the unit’s current condition and verify its accuracy.

2) Request, in writing, the statement of damage and cleaning charges provided to the last tenant.

3) If the landlord refuses to do these things, they are barred from withholding any part of your security deposit for damages to, or cleaning of, your unit unless they can clearly and convincingly furnish evidence that you caused the damage in question.

4) 1 week prior to termination of tenancy, request the landlord to do a walk through of unit to identify necessary cleaning.

5) After your move out inspection, your landlord must provide you with a written statement of additional cleaning needed and allow you 24 hours to remedy the issues.

MCA 70-25-201, 70-25-204, 70-25-206

We also personally recommend doing a video walk through of the entire unit to document cleanliness and current damages. Submit a copy to the landlord and obtain a written acknowledgement of receipt.

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